I built a device using a heart rate sensor that measures one’s pulse and measured my heart rate before and after interacting with my pigeon. Birds’ hearts can beat 6-8 times faster than ours, even though we both have a four-chambered heart. I connected the sensor to my finger and measured my pulse, then I ran the collected data through a data visualization program to create a graph of my heart rate. I observed how my heart rate slowed down tremendously when I saw Jimi, my pigeon. I then took my average heart rate and slowed heart rate and made them each a different instrument in a song. The slowed bass is equivalent to my heart rate after spending time with Jimi, and the drums and synths are my average heart rate. At the end of the song, you can hear Jimi’s coo! I then took the song and made an animation which is what I present you with. I have extreme anxiety and never realized how much she helps me feel better.

  • Project By Lauren Arriola
  • Department Art
  • Semester Spring, 2022